Hawaii Honeymoon: The Best Spots in Maui and Kauai

I hit the beach (and paddleboard and air) on my honeymoon to Hawaii.

Maui Adventures

After all of our indulgent shaka, we were ready for more adventure on Maui. We stayed at the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea on the south coast. This resort is aloha (living in harmony) personified with a two-to-one guest to hotel staff ratio. One pampering perk: The pool’s hourly surprises — everything from popsicles to "shots" of aloe vera cream to Evian spritzes. The adults-only Serenity Pool features cabanas with their own TVs and an Instagram-ready view of Haleakala, Maui’s largest dormant volcano. Go in the fall for couples season promos like beer tastings, trunk shows and cooking classes (room rates start at $499 a night; fourseasons.com).

four seasons resort maui
Photo courtesy of Four Seasons Resort Maui 

four seasons maui
Photo courtesy of Four Seasons Resort Maui 

Ride the Wave
Outrigger canoes first came to Hawaii 2,000 years ago, when the Polynesians sailed to the islands in search of land. These vessels are still used for transportation and fishing, but their primary function now is leisure (outrigger canoe racing is the state’s official sport). We took the resort’s outrigger canoe classes. And we tried stand-up paddleboarding. We soon learned it requires intense core strength and balance. Once I was able to stand up without wiping out, I figured out how to move the board over the waves.

hawaii honeymoonhawaii honeymoonpaddleboarding
Photo Credit: Stefania Sainato

Photo courtesy of Four Seasons Resort Maui 

House of the Sun
Legend says the demigod Maui pulled the Hawaiian Islands from the sea and lassoed the sun atop the highest peak, Haleakala. The ancient Hawaiians revered it as a spiritual place. Today, more than 1.3 million visitors watch the sun rise from the rim. We drove to the dormant volcano at 3 a.m. After a series of hairpin turns through cumulus clouds, we reached the top. I will never forget peering down into the crater and watching the sun rise beyond. It seemed close enough to cup in our hands.

Last Supper
A marquee event was the 12-course tasting menu at Spago Maui, Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant at the Four Seasons. We savored Hawaiian delights — tuna poke in sesame cones and whole-roasted local fish — and hallmark Puck dishes, such as Wagyu beef with quail eggs. Just when we couldn’t fit one more bite, out came chocolate lava cakes topped with macadamia nut ice cream — we were goners.