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  • honeymoon packing tips

    How to bring along exactly what you need on your honeymoon.

  • Follow our must-read tips for planning your first husband-and-wife getaway.

  • Register (or buy) the right luggage now, and you'll always travel in style.
  • How to leave your excess baggage behind--while making it through security.

  • Follow this timetable to make sure you’re on schedule with your wedding trip plans.

  • Not sure if you should go with a travel agent or book the trip yourself? Find out why asking for honeymoon planning help may not be such a bad idea.
  • Plastic? Cash? Traveler's checks? Find out the pros and cons of each, and learn how to pack your wallet for a trip abroad.
  • Find out how travel insurance can prevent your hard-earned dollars from blowing away.
  • Lost in travel lingo? Dazed by details? Here are the straight answers to your honeymoon how-to questions.
  • Your destination will probably offer plenty of activities to choose from. Here's how to take the guesswork out of booking great excursions.