The Seven Deadly Bridal Sins

Bridezilla? I don't think so. Before you catch yourself in a jam, learn the seven behaviors that can get your bridal behind in trouble.

Sin #7: Crash Dieting

Photo Credit: Meg Baisden Photography

When my sister was planning her wedding, she drastically curbed her eating and spent a lot of time at the gym. While she did successfully slim down for her big day, and looked fabulous in her gown, she also appeared — and felt — tired and drawn. That's no surprise to New York City-based nutritionist Joy Bauer "Extreme dieting may help you drop pounds, but it's not healthy," she says. "It will leave your skin sallow, your hair dull and your energy low." If you diet, make sure you eat no less than 1,200 calories a day and lose no more than two pounds per week, advises Bauer. Not sure how to do it right? Consider hiring a nutritionist for a few sessions — your health insurance company can recommend pros.