Wedding Reception Q&As

Answers to your questions about toasting, timing, and traditional reception rites and rituals.

Q: Someone told me recently that I have to feed the band at the reception. Is this true? 

A: Probably, but it depends on whom you have hired. Many bands, photographers, videographers and other wedding professionals who will be at the reception for the duration of the event will stipulate in their contracts that they must be fed. (You do not have to provide them with alcoholic beverages, however, nor should you - they are working, after all.) And even if they don't demand it, serving them a meal is a nice gesture - such thoughtfulness may also guarantee you better service.

Before you panic about the extra cost, ask your caterer - many will feed "the help" for half price. Or you might simply provide band members and the like with sandwiches or something less expensive than the main entrée.

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