Wedding Reception Q&As

Answers to your questions about toasting, timing, and traditional reception rites and rituals.

Q: My fiancé and I are thinking of having a “dessert only” reception. In addition to the wedding cake and other sweets that we’ll provide, do you think it’s OK to ask family members if they’d like to make their favorite treat for the occasion? We can offer to pay for the ingredients.

A: It’s perfectly fine to only serve dessert at your wedding, and I’m sure your family members will happily comply with your request. (They may even insist on paying for the ingredients themselves.) Your idea is certainly an opportunity to get them involved and to make your wedding more personal. And as a unique wedding favor, consider placing their recipes in a “Sweet Memories” or “Sweet Treats” booklet for your guests. At the reception, place a card in front of each dessert to identify what it is and who made it, such as “Granny’s Apple Pie,” “Uncle John’s Cheesecake,” “Cousin Jessie’s Peach Cobbler,” and so on. I’m sure your family members will enjoy this presentation and love the kudos they’ll receive for their delicious creations. Just be sure you have enough sweets on hand for all your guests. You wouldn’t want to run short! And you should include the words Cocktails and Dessert or Dessert and Coffee will be served on your wedding invitations, so guests can plan accordingly and won’t expect a full meal.

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