Wedding Reception Q&As

Answers to your questions about toasting, timing, and traditional reception rites and rituals.

Q: A recently married friend was disappointed when her florist didn’t deliver all the boutonnieres requested and substituted some flowers in the bouquets. How can I make sure nothing like this happens with my vendors? 

A: The best way to avoid mishaps like these is to always check references and have detailed contracts. Before signing on the dotted line, phone your local Better Business Bureau to see if a company has a history of consumer complaints, and deal only with those companies and individuals that you know to be reputable.

As for the contract, insist that everything you discuss be put in writing to safeguard against empty promises and hidden fees. Never pay anything—not even a small deposit—without first signing a contract that includes all parts of the agreement, including services that will be provided, the dates of service, the method of payment and the cancellation and refund policies. Make sure the locations and delivery schedules are noted and that all taxes, gratuities and overtime fees are spelled out. If you’re not a hundred percent comfortable with the conditions, don’t sign on the spot. A reputable pro won’t pressure you, and if someone does, don’t hire him! Be sure to read every contract carefully and make certain you retain a copy for your files. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing that all of the details discussed with your vendors are noted in the contracts.

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