Wedding Reception Q&As

Answers to your questions about toasting, timing, and traditional reception rites and rituals.

Q: I’m confused. What is the difference between an escort card, a place card and a table card?

A: Good question. The escort card is often mistakenly referred to as the place card, but the two are distinctly different. The escort card informs guests of the table at which they will be sitting and has their names (couples are on one card and single guests have their own) and the table number—or name—on it. These cards are usually placed alphabetically on a round table outside the reception area so guests can easily find their spots. The place cards are already on the reception tables and situated at individual place settings to indicate where each guest is to sit. Used more frequently at formal weddings, these are optional for informal weddings. The table card is a prominently displayed sign on each reception table that bears its number or name.

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