5 Secrets Your Wedding Videographer Wants You to Know

Planning a wedding is no easy feat. But many couples get so wrapped up in the details and attempting to make everything perfect that they forget their vendors have gone through these same motions hundreds of times and can provide invaluable guidance. For example, after seeing a handful of wedding films and videography packages, you may think you know exactly what you need (and what you don't). However, here are five secrets your wedding cinematographer wishes you knew:

Photo Credit: Open Aperture Photography

1. You don't have to be best buddies with your videographer.
With tons of wedding blogs saying it’s crucial to mesh with your planner and photographer, it might be hard to believe that it isn't a key factor in hiring a videographer. Years from now, you won’t remember their personality, nor will it be relevant. On your wedding day, he or she will be silently fading into the background (so they don't disrupt natural moments), and their voice won’t be on your footage. The most important factor when choosing a videography company should be the style of their videos. If you love their work and the films they've created for other couples, then hopefully you’re going to adore your own video and will want to watch it for the rest of your life.

2. "Getting ready" footage will be some of your favorite moments to watch later.
You might think the ceremony and dance floor are the main attractions, but how often do you get to have all of your best friends in one place relaxing and hanging out? You’re ecstatic, looking your best, and getting ready for the event of a lifetime! You’ll be sharing stories and laughing hysterically (or shedding a few happy tears). Plus, there's usually at least one emotional moment as your mom helps you into your dress or your dad sees you as a bride for the first time.

3. Lighting and timing are essential to getting the most beautiful footage.
You’ve probably seen gorgeous wedding videos where the couple is walking hand-in-hand through pine trees as the light shines through the branches behind them. Rarely do those shots happen out of the blue. Hazy golden rays and pink sunsets have to be planned for, so talk to your videographer about your wedding day timeline. That way, you’ll be outside during the best hours of the day to create the most magical scenes.

4. Your videographer will need to take a quick break to eat.
On your wedding day, your videographer will be literally on the move for hours on end. Even if you take a break, they won't be able to, because they need to capture those little moments that happen when no one’s looking. The only time this isn’t true is when you sit down to eat. You’re not going to want footage of guests eating, so at this moment, your videographer needs to eat, too. It’s a courtesy to offer your full-day vendors food at the reception. They don’t have to have the lobster tail — a vendor meal works just fine.

5. Your personalities are what will make your wedding video great.
It takes planning, great shooting, precise editing, and an artistic eye to craft the perfect wedding video, but not even the most skilled videographer can inject emotion into the footage like you can. Gush your heart out in a letter! Be present when you tell your spouse that you will love him or her as long as you both shall live! Get wild on the dance floor with your friends! The more you enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime celebration of love, the more you’ll cherish reliving it through your wedding video.

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These ideas are great! As a Miami wedding photographer who is a film director as well, I can vouch for these suggestions. Something to eat is especially important, it helps us to get the best shots. Lobster tail doesn't hurt either, but we will be happy with whatever you want to give us to keep our physical body batteries charged.