Questions to Ask on Your Venue Tours

Your venue sets the stage for your entire wedding, and it's arguably the most important element of your big day. Whether you have your heart set on a dream venue or you're shopping around for the best fit, we rounded up some top industry experts to ensure that you’re well-equipped on your next venue tour.

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“The first question to ask is if they are pet friendly. So many couples are opting to add their dog to their wedding, whether for pictures or going down the aisle. Pets have become a staple in many modern weddings. Understanding if their four-legged companion is welcome before booking is a must for pet parents who want to include their pets on their big day.” —Monika Kreinberg, Furever Us

“When you tour your venue, understanding how an event flows with your expected amount of guests is essential. How your guests move from the ceremony to your cocktail hour to your reception can make all the difference. Making sure guests are not squeezed into a space and confused about where to go next really helps elevate your guest experience. Asking the venue about the flow of their typical wedding and discussing capacities for each area will help you understand what your day will move like.” —Christina Lovelace, Lovelace Design

"If the venue has a preferred vendor list, ask them how and why those companies were chosen and when they last updated it. Their answer will give you insight into the venue and how they operate. For example, if it's a pay-to-play situation, then that tells you that making money is at the forefront for them. If it's based on past experience and merit, then that means they actually vouch for those people and, in turn, care for you to have a good experience too. If they haven’t updated their list in years, that could mean there are not a lot of options available, or they haven’t been working to make sure the right people are on the list." —Jamie Chang, Mango Muse Events

"Another important question to ask is if the venue hosts more than one wedding per day. If so, you may have to coordinate ceremony times and figure out with the venue and your photographer which areas you have access to and at what time so that you can plan your timeline and portrait list accordingly.” —Jessica Feiden, Jessica K. Feiden Photography

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"What services do you offer that add an extra level of magic to weddings? If the sales manager can answer this question with confidence and detail, you know you have a venue that will go above and beyond to make your day happen. If they understand this question, it means they understand that details matter to you and your partner. You may discover that the venue offers exclusive access to certain outdoor spaces or private rooms only available for wedding day events. Others may have the ability to create a custom menu or provide personalization options like signature cocktail names and more. Asking this question on the tour will help you determine if they can get the exact experience they are looking for at their chosen venue." —Diana Kolanović-Šolaja, Dee Kay Events

"Does the venue have Wi-Fi access in all areas of the property, and is it included? Again, this question isn't for your guest as much as it is for the benefit of your wedding pros. Video, entertainment, and DJ could be impacted by no Wi-Fi access, especially if they are not notified before the event." —Jacqueline Vizcaino, Tinted Events Design and Planning

"A venue may seem perfect for your wedding until you learn that all music must stop at 9pm, and you were envisioning partying until midnight. Venues often refer to your contract end time, and while that may be midnight, you need to know that your caterer and vendors need 90 minutes to break down and exit the venue by then, so your reception actually needs to end at 10:30pm. By asking about how late the party can go and what noise restrictions might affect it, a couple can avoid being surprised by rules and regulations further into the wedding planning." —Sara Bauleke, Bella Notte

"Something that always pops up last minute is asking if vehicles can be left overnight at a venue. While this may not seem like a big deal, if the venue has an enclosed parking area or valet, it may become bigger than you think. Guests who over-consume alcohol may need to get a ride home versus driving their car, and they'll need somewhere to leave their vehicle. Always ask about the parking area access, if vehicles can be left overnight, and if there is designated vendor parking." —Wendy Kidd, Each & Every Detail

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Planning a celebration of this magnitude is often a first-time experience for many couples, and without proper knowledge of the inner workings of a venue, there are a lot of things that can be overlooked. A minor detail can make or break your day, so make sure you have all of the answers before booking your venue!