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7 Reasons to Throw a Wedding in Asheville, North Carolina

With all of the remarkable places in the USA to get married, many couples are choosing domestic destination wedding locales that keep travel costs low for guests while providing a dramtic setting for their big day. Southern cities like Asheville, NC, offer awe-inspiring scenery alongside a welcoming vibe, and are quickly are becoming hotspots for newlyweds looking for unique places to say "I do".

5 Photos to Make You Want a New York Wedding on the Water

When it comes to your dream wedding venue, there’s a certain "wow" factor you can only find in New York City. The iconic landmarks and always-on city lights create a beautiful backdrop for your celebration - and any couple will tell you that when it’s all said and done, the photos are some of the only tangible items left of your big day. New York Harbor is a favorite wedding location among locals and visitors alike. It's more out-of-the-box than your typical banquet hall, is accessible for guests, and provides the dramatic views that the city is known for.

Our Top 5 Favorite Designs from Casablanca Bridal's "Vacation in Versailles" Collection

With the royal wedding on the horizon, it's no surprise that this season's gown designs have a regal air. Inspired by the palace of Versailles, the luxurious retreat just outside Paris frequented by many French monarchs-past, Casablanca Bridal’s "Vacation in Versailles" Fall 2018 Collection presents an unforgettable contemporary twist on classic bridal designs.

Make Your Wedding Day Last Forever with The Eternity Rose

No matter how long it takes you to plan your wedding, the day feels like it's over in a flash! There are so many elements of weddings that are fleeting—the food, the cake, and certainly those intricate flower arrangements you spent so long selecting. Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to take a piece of your wedding day with you as a lifelong reminder of the day you officially joined together your lives?


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