Five Creative Ideas for Your Table Numbers

Table numbers are yet another way in which you and your spouse can express yourselves on the big day. Don’t believe me? Check out the super creative and personal ideas below.

1. Table numbers inspired by song lyrics. Corey and I are adding a special touch to our table numbers by including quotes from our favorite love songs. Each number will feature a quote from a song we both like or can relate to. Here are lyrics we would consider using from a band we saw in concert together last summer:

Let me be your everlasting light

A train going away from pain

Love is the coal 

That makes this train roll

Let me be your everlasting light

– The Black Keys

table numbers with song lyrics

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2. You at every age. I love pictures, so to me, table numbers are a great outlet to feature the faces of you and your spouse in your early years. For each table number, display a photo of you and your future husband at that age. Not only will this be an adorable way to personalize your wedding, but it will also act as a conversation starter to get your guests talking.

age table numbers

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3. Numerical memories.  For each table number, list a milestone or interesting fact about your relationship. For example, for Table 1 you could write, “1: The number of years we were together before getting engaged.” Other examples include, “7: The number of Pittsburgh Penguin games we’ve seen,” or “4: The number of dates we went on before becoming exclusive.” This is a great way for guests to learn more about your relationship and it adds a romantic touch to your wedding day.


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4. Work the wedding theme. Use your table numbers to enhance your wedding theme or a seasonal motif. For example, if you're getting married at a winery or vineyard, why not print out the table numbers and paste them onto wine bottles? Or, if you're throwing a Christmas-themed wedding, you could feature each table number on a miniature, wrapped gift. Rather than design the table number to simply serve a purpose, help it become part of the table’s décor.

wine bottle table number

5. Sweet numbered treats. Mini cakes on each table awaiting guests is a newer trend, one that’s probably appreciated by the crowd! If you have a sweet treat waiting at the table— whether it’s a mini cake or another indulgent favor—let it serve double duty by featuring a number on it. Guests will be even more excited to locate their assigned table when they find they’re met with dessert.

cake table number

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Tell us: Which idea would you try for your own wedding?


— Nikki Stroud



Nikki Stroud is a real bride who is learning every step of the way when it comes to wedding planning. She and her fiancé, Corey Allan (both Ball State alums), will be married in September of 2012 in front of their friends and family in Indianapolis. Glittering ivory lights, exposed plumbing and sleek wood floors depict their romantic yet rustic venue in the Downtown area. The couple hopes to incorporate personal touches to make the celebration truly reflect their relationship.