Touchdown! Football-Themed Weddings

Over the past few years, we've seen a sharp increase in sports-themed weddings, where even the bride isn't afraid to get a little down-and-dirty with a pre-reception game of touch football.

I must confess: I'm not a football fan. My idea of "watching" the game involves glancing at the tube every so often while consuming massive amounts of guacamole and catching up on the latest gossip with my girlfriends. What can I say? It's a time-honored tradition. However, my husband Jason is in a whole other league. From September through February, I know better than to schedule any appointments on a Sunday.

In honor of him — and all you other football lovers out there — here's how to incorporate some team spirit into your wedding day!

Engagement Shoots

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Eric Barton, a retired NFL player — he played with The Jets, Raiders, and Cleveland Browns — even made an appearance in our 75+ Reasons to Have a First Look story!
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Sensational Stadium Photos

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"Tebowing" Mania

"Tebowing" became a household name when Tim Tebow, then a second-year player for the Denver Broncos, was photographed bowing in prayer in the end zone. The unique pose — getting down on one knee and holding a clenched fist to your forehead — is now so ubiquitous with fans around the world that the current ESPN college football analyst has been awarded a trademark for the term. (Check out for hilarious photos of fans "Tebowing" everywhere from college graduations to Egyptian ruins and more.)

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Fun Ceremony Idea

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Great Groomsmen Gifts

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Football Reception Details

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We Came to Party

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Surprise Mascot Appearances

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Coolest New "Garter Toss"

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Fantastical Cakes

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"Shaker" Send-Offs

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Tell us: How are you incorporating your favorite sports team in your wedding? Sound off below!

—Stefania Sainato