Google's 2023 Year in Search: Trending Wedding Types


The idea of a micro wedding gained traction during the pandemic — larger than an elopement but smaller than a traditional wedding, these intimate affairs include no more than 50 guests and include many of the traditional wedding elements, just on a much smaller scale. Plan your micro wedding »

micro wedding
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Garden Party

There’s something inherently romantic about a garden – meticulously sculpted landscapes, beautiful blooming flowers, winding paths where you can get lost in the moment while surrounded by the beauty of nature. It’s no wonder gardens are a top pick for weddings. Plan your garden wedding »

garden wedding
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Civil Ceremony

A civil ceremony is a non-religious wedding ceremony presided over by a legal officient. This can take place in city hall or anywhere you desire. Plan your civil ceremony »


Exchanging vows in your childhood backyard can be a nostalgic dream come true. Plus, a backyard lets you break free from the rules and boundaries of traditional wedding venues, offering endless options to customize your wedding. Plan your backyard wedding »

backyard wedding
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Religious weddings each come with their own set of unique rules and traditions . This past year, Catholic topped the search trends. Plan your religious wedding ceremony »


A wedding at the courthouse is a type of civil ceremony. It's quick, it's easy, and it takes the stress out of getting married. Plan your courthouse wedding »


Rustic weddings may have started as a trend, but they’ve grown into a timeless style with staying power. A barn naturally sets the tone for a picture-perfect rustic wedding. Plan your barn wedding »

barn wedding
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What could be better than vacationing with everyone you love? It’s no surprise destination weddings continue to grow in popularity. And a destination wedding doesn’t necessarily mean jetting off to a tropical climate – it can be just a few hours from home, in a location that’s meaningful to you as a couple, somewhere convenient for your guests, or even somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit. Plan your destination wedding »

destination wedding
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Sneaking away with your beloved for a just-the-two-of-us celebration is such a hopelessly romantic idea. As elopements have grown in popularity, they’ve also grown in elegance. It no longer necessarily means a quickie courthouse ceremony; couples are eloping in incredibly picturesque settings, like on top of a mountain, on a secluded beach, or in a serene garden joined by only their nearest and dearest. Plan your elopement »


A cruise wedding is like a destination wedding taken to the next level. Not only do you get to celebrate your big day with all of your loved ones, but you get the experience a full week (or more!) of pre-planned activities and indulgences! Plan your cruise wedding »

 cruise wedding
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—Kristen Klein