Try the W.E.D.D.I.N.G. Workout

woman exercising
Finding it difficult to fit daily exercise into your jam-packed schedule? This is a super easy workout that you can do every morning from now until the wedding. As part of your morning routine, use these easy fitness steps to work each letter:

Walk with high heels from the bed to the bathroom. This means you step out of bed into those heels instead of those comfy slippers. The height forces your instep, and you’ll be working those calves.

Exercise your legs while brushing your teeth; do three sets of side leg lifts, or keep alternating until your toothbrush timer runs out. Don't forget to do both legs!

Drink a glass of water. Water wakes up your metabolism and is always good for you.

Doorways should remind you to engage those abs — fix your posture every time you walk through one. Place your shoulders back and down; your chest should be slightly up, with your head held high. 

Isolate the abs. While you're waiting for your coffee to percolate or the water to heat up for tea, do side bends. Standing straight with your legs hip-width apart, place your hands behind your head and, without moving the bottom half of your body, bend from the waist on each side, alternating. Do at least 10 on each side.

Natural foods are what you want to eat, so if you can't pronounce one of the ingredients on the list or any of them say modified, don't eat it.

Glorious glutes. Because you want to look good walking down the aisle from both directions, get on the floor in bridge position (waist and rear raised with feet and shoulders on floor), and bring up one leg at a time, alternating. Do 90-degree leg lifts, 15-25 reps on each leg.  

—Shana Schneider

shana schneiderGuest blogger: Shana Schneider
Shana Schneider is the founder of FITWEEK, a media company that helps working women turn every week into a FITWEEK. She has held several positions at Yale University, including the Director of Communications for the Office of International Affairs. Shana has worked in the media industry as a producer and on-air talent. With TV Guide, Shana’s shows aired on FOX, VH1, and the Food Network. She received a B.A. from Yale University and is an AAFA certified group fitness instructor and licensed Zumba Fitness instructor. Shana is an entrepreneur at heart always finding a way to add a new dimension to an existing position or starting something from scratch.