Top 10 Ways to Find Your Exercise Motivation

Sometimes, "just do it" is easier said than done. Here, motivation tips for brides in training.

couple walking on the beach

1. Enlist a friend. "We all push ourselves more when someone else is counting on us. Plus, knowing that your workout buddy will be waiting for you makes it harder to blow off a session." —Jessi Kneeland, trainer, Peak Performance.

2. If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you — make this your mantra. "When you exercise, get out of your comfort zone and shift into work zone mentality to get results." —Fred DeVito, co-founder, Exhale Core Fusion

3. Reward yourself. "When you hit your new personal best time or go on your longest run yet, treat yourself to something like a mani/pedi." —Trainer Margo Donohue, Brooklyn Fit Chick

4. Set attainable goals to nurture a positive attitude. "Instead of saying 'I will lose two pounds this week,' try something you have more control over like 'I will drink two liters of water each day and stretch after each class.'" — Neda Talebian Funk and Caroline Limpert, co-founders, FITiST

5. Use music to motivate your workout. "Pick your favorite songs and whenever the hook or chorus of the song comes on, go as fast and hard as you can, catching your breath and slowing down during the verses." —Michael Olajide, Jr., co- founder, Aerospace

6. "Don’t think of exercise as a chore to get through to slim down but rather as a stress reliever to help you better plan for your big day." —Donohue

7. "Beat boredom and have fun by mixing things up and trying out new classes at the gym. Take a Zumba class, pilates megaformer, boot camp and spin class all in one week."—Funk and Limpert

8. "Take a group class, identify who the top people are, then try to 'best' them. It may take time but even if you don’t catch them you’ve burned more calories than you would have by going at your own pace." —Olajide

9. Put yourself first. "If you work out in the morning, you don’t have to worry about fitting it in later. Done and done!"—Kneeland

10. "Partner up with fiancé-friendly workouts like boot-camp class or CrossFit, then keep going strong on your honeymoon and beyond!" —Margo Donohue

Photo Credit: Christopher Robbins