Small Changes, Big Results: 30 Get-Fit Tricks to Try in April

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Small changes can yield huge results. Try one new thing each day in April.

1. The Rose Challenge
Buy yourself a rose, and when the petals begin falling, do a squat to pick each one up (or, better yet, take off all the petals at the end of the day and squat to pick up each one).

2. Be Adventurous With Your Omega-3s
For dinner, cook a type of fish you've never had before. 

3. Play the "Fiancé" Game 
Every time that someone says "fiancé," do a posture check. Make sure you're standing up straight with your body aligned.

4. Let Go of Stress 
Every time that you say "fiancé," drop your shoulders from your earrings (all of that wedding-planning stress tends to strain your shoulder and neck muscles). 

5. See Yourself in the Best Light
Make sure that the mirror you use most frequenty is a flattering one with good lighting (your mental perception of yourself can do wonders).

6. Double Up on Veggies
Eat two different types of vegetables with lunch and dinner.

7. Hungry or Just Thirtsy? 
Put a 16 oz. glass of water in your fridge. Every time you open the door, drink the water before you eat anything. 

8. Think Beyond Apples
Buy and eat an exotic fruit that you have never tried.

9. Find a New Way to Bond
Instead of going out to dinner with your fiancé, plan an active date night, like going bike riding, roller blading, or walking through a park. 

10. Make Your Phone Conversations Work For You
Between wedding vendors and dealing with your families, you'll likely spend a lot of time on the phone while planning a wedding. Every time you talk on the phone, hold a 90-degree wall sit. When it’s your turn to listen, rest.

11. Get Spa-Like Relaxation at Home
Invest in a really good aromatherapy lotion, and apply it every day after your shower.

12. Spice Up Your Life
Put the salt shaker away for one day and really taste your food. Punch up your dishes sodium-free with spices like oregano and basil.

13. Stressed About the Dress?
Every time you worry about your dress fitting, drop down and do as many push-ups as you can. 

14. Find Your Inner Peace
Whenever your mother begins to lecture you about something, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and do a mini-meditation.

15. Turn Off the TV
Instead of watching television tonight, go bowling or play Frisbee.

16. Trade Sweets for Swing
Instead of going out for dessert, go and take a new class, like swing dancing or yoga. 

17. Take a Night Off of the Wedding Plans
Spend the night with your best friend and talk about her. And let yourself laugh — it is so good for you.

18. Cook With Your Fiancé
Make a gourmet and healthy dinner together as a couple.

19. Practice Prohibition
Take a week off of all alcohol and coffee, and let your body feel refreshed.

20. Feel Less Guilty About Watching TV
Get off the couch and hold a plank position during each commercial break.

21. Drink More Green Tea
Make a pitcher of green tea and keep it in your fridge instead of soda or diet soda. Green tea has natural flavonoids that have been shown to help reduce body fat and make your body healthier.

22. Get Your Vitamins & Minerals
Buy a really good (not overdosed) vitamin, and take it every day.

23. Enjoy Nature's Candy
Stock your freezer with frozen berries, and make a fresh smoothie for breakfast or even for dessert.

24. Walk a Little Funny
Do walking lunges from one room to the next instead of just strolling.

25. The Invisible Chair
Lift yourself two inches off of your computer chair and hold it for as long as possible (repeat 6 times).

26.  Give Yourself a Reason to Run
Enter a local race, and run/walk it for a good cause.

27. Don't Lose Sight of What Matters
Close your eyes and think of all the reasons why you are marrying this man, and let yourself feel happy.

28. Remind Yourself You're Worth It
Close your eyes and think of all the reasons he is happy he is marrying you, and let yourself feel the joy of self-worth.

29. Try the Food Color Challenge
Today, eat no white foods (bread, pasta, potatoes, etc.).

30. Indulge in Nostalgic Fun
Play whatever game you liked best as a child with your friends, like hide & seek or tag, and let yourself have fun with your body like you used to.

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—Bonne Marcus

bonne marcusGuest blogger: Bonne Marcus
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