Marvelous Macarons

The delectable macaron (French, of course, for macaroon) has taken the wedding world by storm. These small, round baked confections not only satisfy your sweet tooth but also come in a variety of fabulous flavors and colors. I love their delicate, crispy crust and the soft, meringue-like center and have probably eaten far too many to count! Now, from confectioners ‘Lette Macarons, comes the macaron wedding cake. Choose a rainbow-hued tower graced with colorful flowers:

multicolored macaron wedding cake

Or go boho-chic with this flower-child daisy cake:

macaron wedding cake

Each tower contains 60 macarons of your choice, and the prices range from $119 to $135. You can personalize each tower with macarons in your wedding colors, along with an elegant floral bottom that matches your bridal blooms. I think they’re perfect for any pre-wedding party, a bridal shower and rehearsal dinner or for displaying on your dessert table.

You can also give your guests macarons as wedding favors ($4.00 per box):

macaron wedding favor

And make it even more fun and personal by selecting “his ‘n her” favorites:

his and hers macaron favors

You and your guests are sure to love this sweet treat. Bon Appétit!

—Diane Forden