#WeStillComing Wedding Photo Turns Out to Be a Disappointing Hoax

With all the details that go into planning your wedding day, it's easy to become distracted. Recently, a bride-to-be accidentally sent a wedding invitation via text to a couple of strangers — who decided to show up! Here, the hysterical results.

Kristen thought she was letting her friends know the address for her wedding photo-shoot and barbecue, but one of the messages was sent to a man she had never met. At first the stranger responded in typical fashion with, "Who is this?" But what happened next was far from your every day response. The man told her, "You have the wrong number but me and my boys will be there."

When Kristen tried to rescind her invitation, the stranger ignored it responding, "We still coming." The phrase has since become an Internet sensation and is now a trending hashtag on Twitter. That stranger wasn't kidding and when he turned up with his friends, the bride decided to include the wedding crashers in one of the best photobombs of all time. Check it out:

we still coming
Photo via Instagram

wedding photo crashers
Photo Credit: Adam Farkes

There is speculation that the photo could be an elaborate fake, but it is still hilarious nonetheless!


The real story: The bride, Amy, and her now-husband, Ian, got married at the Colony Club in Detroit, Michigan. After tying the knot, they took a trolley around town to take pictures at several locations, including the abandoned Michigan Central Station, where they encountered a rap group known as "7262". The couple's photographer, Adam Farkes, told The Washington Post that "They looked over at us, and we waved back at them and then we said, 'we are going to come over and dance in your music video.'" The group said 'yes' resulting in an awesome impromptu addition to their rap video. One of the attendees posted the photo on social media and the rest is history.

— Mary Gillen