Heartbreaking: Triple Wedding Held in Honor of Dying Mom

Becky Swales' lifelong dream was to have all three of her daughters get married. On Oct. 13, in Snellville, Georgia, her wish came true with a triple wedding.

The 43-year-old mom watched from the front pew as her husband, Otis Swales, walked their girls — Sarah, Kaylee, and Jodie — down the aisle. The couples recited their vows and kissed in unison when the priest declared, "you may now kiss the brides." It was an emotional moment that the Swales family will never forget.

triple wedding
triple wedding

Photo Credits: Jodie Mankus/Facebook

Just 12 hours later, Becky lost her four-year-long battle with cancer, which had recently spread from her breasts to her liver. Jodie, the oldest daughter, posted the following on Facebook, in memory of her Mom:

"My mommy Becky Nickerson Swales went to be with the Lord this morning. She was the most beautiful person I knew, and I bet she is the most beautiful angel. My mom was strong and fought the fight for a long time and I know she's watching me and my family and I'm gonna [sic] give her a life that she'd be proud to watch. Thank you God for letting her be here for the wedding yesterday. I love you bigga bunches mommy. R.I.P."

The sisters were already engaged before their mom's health deteriorated and they decided to wed all at once so that she would be able to experience this life-changing moment with them. They all set a date for Oct. 26 and donations poured in from well-wishers in the community.

However, after receiving a doctor's prognosis that they had even less time than they originally thought, they moved up the weddings to this past Sunday, although the reception they planned will still take place later this month.

Sarah Swales, the youngest sister, spoke to FOX5 Atlanta about her bittersweet decision: "It's not just like losing a mom, you're losing your mom and your best friend. Anybody would want their best friend at their wedding, especially their mom — she's both to us —  and our wedding wouldn't be the same if she wasn't there to experience it with us."

triple wedding
Photo Credit: FOX5 Atlanta

The family also revealed that their mom had a positive outlook on life up until the moment she died. In February 2012, she wrote the following post on Facebook: "I thank God for waking me up every day! I have such a great support system. My loving husband, my three beautiful daughters and my Mom have stood by me every step of the way. I can't say enough about what a blessing that has been."

Prior to her passing, Dad Otis told FOX5 that she was "the love of my life, so it's hard, but I'm proud of my daughters. I just pray to God to give me strength to pull through every day."

becky nickerson swales
Photo Credit: Becky Nickerson Swales/Facebook

—Stefania Sainato