TLC's 'I Found The Gown' is Reality TV Worth Watching

Finally, a show that hits all the marks — real brides, real drama and a real budget!

TLC’s 'I Found The Gown' comes complete with all of the oohs, ahhs and tears we now expect from America’s brides-to-be. But what sets it apart from predecessor 'Say Yes to The Dress' is how it caters to brides whose wallets aren't quite Kleinfeld-ready.

i found the gown

Photo courtesy of TLC

The action takes place at VOWS, a Boston bridal outlet owned by Rick and Leslie DeAngelo. The duo keeps the store's racks stocked with about 800 designer wedding gowns — including Reem Acras and Vera Wangs — at seriously discounted prices between ($199 to $4,500). Top-notch consultants help the brides sift through the treasure pile to find the perfect dress at a perfect pricepoint. No ordering necessary: if their size is in, it's their's to take home that very day.

The catch? Sizes are limited, and the good ones can get snatched up faster than you can say “I do.”

rick and leslie

Leslie and Rick; Photos courtesy of TLC

To keep brides coming back, Rick and Leslie restock two times a week. They bargain with designers and bring the goods back to VOWS, where their brides-to-be model the dresses before crying and smiling family members. As they face the mirror, a price tags with slashed retail prices pop up to let you know just how much they saved. There are highs (think walks down the aisle, sweet love stories), there are lows (crying brides, weight gain) and of course, a whole lot of gowns.

Tune in for the series premiere on August 24th at 10/9c. It follows a self-proclaimed “label whore” who would rather “cancel the wedding than look like a bride on a budget,” a last-minute bride obsessed with finding a deal and a hormonal pregnant lady who hates shopping.

Trust us, you just might book a plane ticket to Boston.

Tell us: Will you be watching?

—Paulette Safdieh