WATCH: Is This the Most Elaborate Proposal Ever?

justin baldoni
Photo Credit: Justin Baldoni on Instagram

Justin Baldoni wanted to ask his girlfriend, Emily Foxler, to be his wife in the most romantic way possible, but he couldn't decide how to do it. Should he call into a local radio station? Profess his love N*Sync or Boyz II Men-style, crooning classic love songs from the '90s? (After all, what teenage girl didn't have that particular fantasy at one point?) Dance with a professional flash mob? Create a mock movie trailer for the proposal, complete with home video footage?

In the end, the 29-year-old actor/director went with Option E, "all of the above." The result is a 27-minute video mash-up that pokes fun at everything we love (and roll our eyes at) when it comes to viral engagements. We're looking at you, Bruno Mars!

The premise: Foxler visits Blu Jam Cafe, a restaurant in Los Angeles where she and Baldoni had their first date. While she waits for him to arrive, the video starts playing, and hidden cameras capture her reactions. 

Skeptical about the whole thing? We were, too, until we got to the 17:45 mark and the real magic begins — the kind you can't produce with special effects or hired actors. After an emotional pep talk with his parents and sister, the groom-to-be walks into the cafe and delivers the proposal Foxler really wanted all along: The kind that comes from the heart.

"You're the woman that's changed my life. I've never been happier, never been sadder, never been more angry, life's never been more beautiful...I want to spend the rest of my life with you, you're 'it.' I've never met anyone who inspires me to be a better human being — I want to make you happy for the rest of your life. Will you let me take care of you for the rest of your life? Will you marry me?" says Baldoni.

"Such a stupid question," she responds, tears streaming down her face, before finally answering "yes!" 

proposal video
Photo Credit: Justin Baldoni on Instagram

Watch the video and tell us what you think! Sweet, right? How did your fiancé pop the question?

—Stefania Sainato