Summer Wedding Cocktail Recipes

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As the summer wedding season heats up, guests need ways to stay cool! If you’re looking for the perfect signature cocktail for a summer wedding or shower, here are five drinks we’ll be serving all summer long.

1. Meyer Lemon Margaritas

 If you’re craving a margarita, we recommend mixing things up a bit with Meyer lemons! 

meyer lemon margarita
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Get the Meyer Lemon Margarita recipe>>

2. Rose Mint Flavored Water

Water infused with fruit, vegetables, or herbs is a simple and elegant addition to your menu. We love the elegance of rose water combined with refreshing mint.

mint rose water
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3. The Michelada

If you want to spice up your signature drink, add micheladas to your menu! This beer drink is savory, spicy, and unexpected. We suggest serving it as the signature cocktail at a casual backyard wedding or a hip brunch wedding.

the michelada
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Get the Michelada recipe>>

4. The Mint Julep

This quintessential Southern drink, made with bourbon, sugar, mint, and crushed ice, is traditionally served in a silver or pewter cup. You could also give guests a taste of Kentucky with a bourbon bar — serve up different bourbon brands with ginger, simple syrups, flavored water, and soda as mixers.

mint juleps
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5. Watermelon Rosemary Water

This unexpected combo is fragrant and flavorful; we love it for a farm-to-table wedding or shower.

watermelon rosemary water
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Get the Watermelon Rosemary Water recipe>>

Tell Us: What is your favorite summer cocktail? Are you serving a signature cocktail at your wedding? 

— Rachel W. Miller