The Ultimate Star Wars Engagement Ring

When groom-to-be Joe began shopping for Emily's engagement ring, he knew that a run-of-the-mill diamond ring just wouldn't cut it. The couple, who met while working together in a tattoo shop, bonded over their "nerdiness," and Joe set out on a quest to find someone to create a R2-D2-themed engagement ring to match his "fanatical Star Wars enthusiasm."

star wars r2d2 engagement ring

He soon discovered Paul Michael Designs through CustomMade, an online marketplace that connects shoppers with artisans who can turn their dreams into reality. 

star wars r2d2 engagement ring

After months of planning, sketching, and designing, the incredible final product arrived a day before Halloween. Joe decided to propose the following day at work, while they'd be decked out in their Peanuts-themed Halloween costumes — Joe as Charlie Brown and Emily as Lucy.

"I know it would have been better in Star Wars gear," said Joe. "[But] Charlie Brown proposing to Lucy is still kind of a fun thing, too." We agree! Watch their proposal:

Tell us, what do you think of this ring?

—Kristen O'Gorman Klein