Snack Cakes as Wedding Cakes?

Over the weekend I was hanging out with my friend and her cousin, and the topic of an upcoming family wedding came up in our conversation. Apparently, the groom wanted a wedding cake made up of three different Little Debbie cakes. Personally, I’d probably want a tower of Ding Dongs, Suzzie Qs and Twinkies, but to each his own. The best part was when they told me how much the caterer was going to charge for this Tower of Little Debbie—a whopping $1,000! Seriously?!

Of course the two women were appalled and hoped his wish would not become a reality, but it had me thinking—has anyone else ever done this? So, I turned on the trusty computer and did a search. The man is not alone. Here’s what I found:

A Snack Cake Wedding Cake guide: For those of you serious about making this cake a reality, this gives you some good tips and guidelines for putting one together.

A pretty great Little Debbie groom’s cake:

a little debbie groom's cake
Source: Mindless Musings on My Average Life

This one actually looks nice. It incorporates Nutty Bars, Devil Squares, Fudge Brownies, Swiss Cake Rolls, Fudge Rounds, Star Crunch Cosmic Snacks, and it looks like there may be some Jelly Creme Pies and Hostess Cupcakes thrown in there as well. (And yes, I did have to visit the Little Debbie site for some help.) They went all out with this one!

How to Make a Little Debbie Groom's Cake: Instead of a wedding cake, this site offers directions on how to create your own Little Debbie groom's cake. You can see more of the base cake in this one and the pre-packaged cakes look more like decorations, but hey, if you wanted to be subtle about it, I guess this works.

The Little Debbie buffet cake: If you're not into creating anything fancy, you may just want to lay out the cakes on platters and let your guests pick what they want. This one’s pretty basic, but I’d probably spruce up the presentation—add some big pretty blooms and make each tier a different snack cake. Vintage cake pedestals stacked on top of each other would be a nice touch as well.

Hostess’ World of Wackiness:

hostess wedding cake
Source: Hostess

Of course, I had to add a little Hostess to the mix. This site features a great Hostess wedding cake (pictured above) made by a chef for his own wedding. You’ll also find instructions on how to make different Twinkie wedding cakes.

So, what do you think? Would you incorporate your favorite snack cakes into your wedding-day menu? Don’t worry; if the groom actually gets his wish, I’ve already asked my friend for pictures of the magnificent creation. If you have any pics of outrageous wedding cakes or ideas for your own crazy cake, send them to [email protected] and we’ll feature them here!

—Lori Francisco