Watch: A Surprise Proposal From a Ferris Wheel

This may be the most romantic Ferris wheel ride we've ever seen!

After dating for six and a half years, Aaron Talmage decided to propose to his high school sweetheart, Ashley Clark, over spring break in Myrtle Beach, SC, using the 187-foot tall SkyWheel to make it especially memorable. As Clark rode the wheel with her friends, about 20 loved ones were hard at work on the beach, lighting candles to spell out "Ashley, will you marry me," which she'd see as the wheel made its final loop around.

Upon seeing the message, Clark burst into tears — then laughed, "That's why he was being weird!" 

Talmage came up with the idea while working at the KOA in Myrtle Beach over the summer. As he rode the SkyWheel himself, he noticed how you can see the entire beach from the top and began hatching his plan to light up the sand.

After Clark exited the ride, she collected a flower from each helper as she wandered along the path to Talmage. Watch the sweet video:

Plus, the bride-to-be's parents were in attendance and shared some helpful advice for their daughter's fiancé: "Wake up every day and think, before he gets out of the bed, how to make her day every single day," said her mom. "That's all I can ask." His dad laughingly added:  "Treat her as well as he treats his mother — or else."

—Kristen Klein