Second Chance: Bride Gets a Wedding Re-Do After Suffering Devastating Memory Loss

amanda and cody kart

Childhood friends Amanda and Cody Karth, who fell in love years later, spent months planning their dream wedding. But just hours after the celebration, Amanda suffered a devastating medical emergency that completely erased all memories of her wedding day.

"The one day that every girl dreams of, I don't remember," Amanda revealed to "Inside Edition."

Just before sunrise the next day, Cody woke up to the sound of his new wife gasping for air. He desperately performed CPR while calling 911. Amanda went into cardiac arrest and had no pulse when the paramedics arrived; the life-saving team shocked back to life and rushed her to the emergency room.

"Amanda was about as close to death as you're going to get," said Dr. Adam Frank of the NCH Heart Institute in Naples, FL. 

As she lay unconscious for four days, her doctor worried about brain damage. She'd sustained an unusual medical phenomena called Broken Heart Syndrome, where the heart muscle suddenly becomes dysfunctional.

When she woke up, Amanda miraculously recovered quickly — but she never gained back the memories from her wedding day. 

With the help of "Inside Edition," she and Cody got a second chance at their big day. The crew rounded up their friends, family members, and the paramedics who saved her life as Amanda got to relive her wedding day and make new memories. The one change — her new vows: "You were there, overcoming devastating blows. My hero."  Watch the video:

—Kristen Klein