Secretly Record Your Marriage Proposal Using This Genius Device

I'll never forget the joy I felt when my now-husband Jason uttered those four little words ("will you marry me?") but there are times when I wish I could actually replay that moment (on bad days, anniversaries and to show our future kids someday). But this was back in March 2010 before the viral proposal phenomenon hit YouTube in all its choreographed dance/movie trailer-esque glory.

At the time, my groom's only recording option was to have his best friend hide in the bushes. (Did I mention we got engaged on a beach with nary a bush in sight?) Although Jason appreciated the offer, he declined for fear that I would spot him and blow the entire surprise. He wanted the proposal to be romantic and intimate, just between the two of us.

So, when I recently heard about Ring Cam, a jewelry box that has a tiny camera built right in, I couldn't wait to share this cool innovation with you all in the hopes that it would help couples on the cusp of popping the question. The hidden micro-USB port plugs right into your computer and you can move the file over from there. It costs $199 to buy a Ring Cam or just $99 to rent one.

the ring cam

Ring Cam began as the engineering design project of four college classmates from Hope College in Michigan. They spent a year coming up with different prototypes and asked a couple of friends who were getting engaged if they could test it out. Scott Brandonisio, one of the inventors, tells WZZM 13 that "the videos that we got back were honestly incredible."

ring cam

Check out some of the best reactions below:

William Franks Wedding from Ring Cam on Vimeo.

I'm not the only one enamored with this concept — Ring Cam is in the running to be featured on the next season of ABC's hit entrepreneurial show, Shark Tank!

Tell us: Did you/do you want your proposal to be captured on film? Would you try this cute idea if you weren't already engaged?

—Stefania Sainato