Wedding Registry Tips for the Couple Who Has Everything

There used to be a stigma attached to living together prior to marriage, but not anymore — according to a recent survey, 79% of BG couples live together before marriage. This can make creating your wedding registry much more complicated  — you've likely already accumulated plenty of new household items during your months (or years) of living together.  So, how does the couple who has everything fill out a wedding registry?

wedding gift registry
Photo Credit: David Lazarus

Fill in the Blanks

Start by taking inventory and seeing what you still need. Shore up your dish collection with formal china, for example, or how about wine glasses and a matching decanter? You have likely spent the last few years stocking up on the basics, but consider the items that weren’t in the budget. Take advantage of the wedding registry to fill in the gaps and to double up on staple items, like bath towels or linens. Reviewing a registry checklist may also help to spark ideas.

You Can Always Do Better

Don't fear the upgrade. Just because you have dishes doesn’t mean you have your dream dishes. If you choose to upgrade, put the old ones away for a rainy day or give them to your local thrift store. There's nothing wrong with using the registry to get higher-quality versions of items you already own. 

Have Some Fun with It

A wedding registry offers more than just china and flatware. Comb through the stores looking for the items that you've always wanted but could never justify spending the money on, like a meat smoker or a bread machine. Also consider these categories:

  • Camping gear
  • Gardening supplies
  • Patio furniture
  • Home theater equipment
  • Bicycles

You can find many of these items in the same big box stores you'd find household items — just hit the sporting goods, furniture, and electronics departments. Use the registry to go above and beyond as a couple.

Make it Special

There is no rule that says you must stick to the traditional. Instead, focus your attention on specialty shops. Wine, desserts, coffee, candles, fine liqueurs, free trade crafts, antiques, art galleries — register at stores that are off-the-grid in addition to a more traditional registry.

Shop for Someone in Need

Really don't need any more stuff? Dedicate your registry to someone less fortunate. Set up a charitable registry filled with causes you believe in so guests can donate to your favorite charities. Since you already have everything you need, "give" instead of "get" for your wedding; you'll feel good knowing someone in need is getting the contribution! 

—Ashley West