One Question With...Sharon Naylor

Every week, we'll feature a top expert answering a not-so-easy question. Today we check in with Sharon Naylor, our bridesmaid guru, Tip of the Day expert, and author with over 35 titles published to date.

This week's question actually comes from me, your Online Editor! A few of my close girlfriends recently became engaged (congrats you two!), and I'm ever so curious to find out if I've been chosen to serve as a dutiful bridesmaid.

Q: What would you say is the average lay time between a bride-to-be getting engaged and her asking her favorite ladies to be her bridesmaids?


A: Brides who know the ring is coming have usually already decided who's going to be in their lineup, so they ask the minute they contact friends to share the big news about their engagement. That can be same-day or within 2 or 3 days.
Brides who haven't conceptualized their lineup or whose engagements came as a surprise take a little longer. They might have a complicated situation of too many friends to pick from, whether to ask a sister they're not close to, whether to ask their groom's sisters, they generally take more time to think it over, ask for advice on message boards, assess their friends' abilities to 'serve'...and that usually puts them at the 2-week mark. It usually doesn't go longer than two weeks.


—Rachel Jacoby

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