New Wedding Cake Stamp is Now Available

The U.S. Postal Service just released the new 65-cent version of their popular wedding cake stamp to reflect this year's postage increases. The stamp, designed for invitations 2 ounces and under, was first introduced in 2009 as part of the weddings series.

usps wedding cake stamp




The pretty three-tiered cake pictured was created by pastry chef Peter Brett of Washington, DC. 

Before you run out to your Post Office, though, here's some must-know advice:

Get your invitations weighed at the Post Office
Don't rely on your home scale; it won't tell you if your invitation requires extra postage because it's not bendable and won't go through the sorting machine. Make sure you include all inserts when getting your invitation weighed—even one small piece can make a difference. I made the mistake of not getting my full invitation weighed until a few days before I wanted to send them out. And, of course, it was over the 2 oz. limit, meaning no cute wedding cake stamps for me. I was out of time to order a custom stamp, and the larger stamps just didn't scream "wedding" to me (I never thought I would care so much about stamps...). Luckily, I discovered these King and Queen of Hearts stamps that, at 44 cents each, covered my postage needs while not making it blatantly obviously to my guests that I'd miscalculated my postage needs.

king and queen of hearts stamps

Square invitations require extra postage
Even if your invite is under the 2 oz. limit for the wedding cake stamp, there's an extra fee tacked on because of the shape. The best thing to do is bring your invitation over to the Post Office and ask their advice on which stamps to order.

Tell us—have you picked out your wedding stamps?

—Kristen O'Gorman Klein