Top Wedding Songs of 2012

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It’s no surprise that these huge hit songs were among Scratch Weddings’ top requests for our clients who tied the knot this year. For 2012 wedding couples — and all of their party-loving, dance-all-night guests — these are the jams that will always bring back memories of those standout wedding moments, from the first dance to dance floor.

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Reception Entrance:

► “Levels” — Avicii
One of the hottest artists of the year was a top versatile request for introductions and for dancing.

► “Call Me Maybe” — Carly Rae Jepsen
Perhaps the theme song to 2012, this song was everywhere and weddings were no exception. It was perfect for tipsy bridesmaids or a single guy with a sense of humor.

► “Turn Up The Music” — Chris Brown
Chris Brown did it again with one of the top-requested songs for bridal party introductions and party-rocking.

► “Without You” – David Guetta
Another from the Guetta hit factory, couples requested this emotionally-charged song for introductions or as an early dance floor teaser.

► “Good Feeling” — Flo Rida
For introduction songs and dancing, this song was a popular choice in 2012.

► “Sexy And I Know It” — LMFAO
This lighthearted song was a top choice for a silly bridal party introduction, worked great for a bridal toss or garter song, and even worked as a last dance song.

► “Good Time” —Owl City
A indie dance hit that also worked for a high-energy introduction song.

► “Gangnam Style” — PSY
Arguably the biggest international song of 2012, even though it was only released in July, this song eclipsed the others in popularity for both bridal party introductions and dance requests. Even brides like it Gangnam Style.

► “We Found Love” — Rihanna
An upbeat choice for dancing or a great introduction chorus for newlyweds.

► “Where Have You Been” — Rihanna
Another Rihanna hit that was a top-requested dance floor song.

First Dance

► “A Thousand Years” — Christina Perri
The big new "first dance" song of the year, made popular by Twilight, was a huge first dance song request for 2012 couples.

Dance Request

► “Feel So Close” — Calvin Harris
This thumping hit was a top dance request of the year.

► “Titanium” — David Guetta ft. Sia
Guetta could do no wrong this year, and wedding guests agreed when this popular dance song was played.

► “Lights” — Ellie Goulding
This indie-pop hit was a huge request for the dance floor.

► “Paris” — Jay-Z and Kanye West
From the clubs to wedding dance floors, couples wanted Jay-Z and Kanye.

► “Starships” — Nicki Minaj
An early hit of 2012, this song had staying power as a crowd-pleaser.

Last Dance

► “Ho Hey” — The Lumineers
Another indie mainstay of the year, it was great for cocktails or dinner. It also became a popular last song choice.

► “We Are Young” — Fun. ft. Janelle Monáe
Couples frequently requested this new indie-pop anthem as a last song; it's a great way to close out the night with a packed dance floor. 

► “Glad You Came” — The Wanted
This hit was one of the best songs of the year to say farewell to your guests as a last dance moment.