Man Proposes to Girlfriend with Incredible Disney Mural

Disney fanatics, prepare to swoon over this adorable proposal! Henry Barnes, a 28-year-old graffiti artist from Bristol, England, painted an enormous mural featuring the characters from Beauty and the Beast to pop the question to his girlfriend Stacey Smith.

beauty and the beast mural proposal

It took Barnes (who goes by the graffiti name "Fiver") two days and over 30 cans of spray paint to create the 50-foot masterpiece. When the mural was complete, he invited his girlfriend of three years to a coffee shop across the street.

The couple walked past the painting in silence...that is, until Smith, a PhD student at Bristol University, burst into tears upon realizing that it was meant for her! "It did all feel a bit unreal and then Henry got down on one knee. It was incredibly romantic and it also felt very strange because there were a lot of people around who started clapping and cheering," she tells the The Daily Mail.

How did Barnes manage to pull off such a huge surprise without his live-in girlfriend finding out? "I have never done anything as big as this before. I spent the first day painting the wall over and the second day, I spent all day painting the characters. It took me eight hours but I managed to catch Stacey completely by surprise," he says.

The couple recently participated in an 87-mile hike to raise money for the Meningitis Research Foundation, where Barnes works. After successfully completing the challenge without even a minor argument, he was sure that Smith was "The One." He knew that he wanted to propose in an untraditional way, so he decided to bring her favorite childhood film to life. 

Check out the finished product below — it's so big that it doesn't fit all in one photo!

beauty and the beast mural
beauty and the beast mural

All photos courtesy of Fiv3r on Flickr

The love birds have no official wedding date set yet but they're thinking of getting married next spring. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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— Mary Gillen