3 Tips to Keep Guests Cool at Summer Weddings

Have your heart set on an outdoor wedding in the middle of summer? Prevent guest meltdown with these three tips.

Make your ceremony programs work double-duty as fans. There are two popular styles—card stock attached to a stick (paddle), or a fan-out (petal) style. Both can be easy DIY projects or purchased for a few bucks if you're not too crafty. There are tons of great options on Etsy; we love these two:

wedding ceremony programs

Left: Paper Dreams Design Studio; Right: I Heart Paper & Threadforeverwed water bottle label



Keep guests hydrated with personalized water bottles. A tip: Stick the bottles in the freezer for a few hours before the ceremony so that they are partially frozen (but not frozen solid!). That way, they'll stay cold much longer. Have your groomsmen pass out a bottle to guests as they are escorted to their seats. Choose from over 300 designs or create a completely custom label at Foreverwed.com

luna bazaar paper parasols




Stock up on paper parasols. These cute umbrellas provide shade for your guests while also giving your photos a nice pop of color—talk about a win-win situation. We love the selection at Luna Bazaar.






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—Kristen O'Gorman Klein