Hysterical "Jurassic Park"-Inspired Wedding Photo

If you're a fan of the 1993 hit  Jurassic Park, then you're going to love this wedding story. Actor Jeff Goldbloom (aka Dr. Ian Malcolm in the hit film) escapes the clutches of a T-Rex in this real-life wedding photo!

t-rex photo
Photo Credit: Adam Biesenthal Photography

According to the Huffington Post, the 61-year-old actor attended the wedding of Pamela and Jesse Sargent last weekend with fiancé Emilie Livingston, 31, who is a friend of the bride. 

Pamela and Jesse wanted a Tyrannosaurus rex photoshopped into their wedding photos and asked Goldbloom if he would be a part of it. The couple's photographer, Adam Biesenthal, posted the photo on his website, where it quickly went viral. He revealed that Goldbloom "was a very cool guy" for agreeing to participate in the funny shoot.

After her nuptials, the bride posted the photo on her Facebook page with the caption, "T-Rex chases bridal party... thank God Dr. Ian Malcolm was there to save the day!!" She went on to say, "What an amazing, unbelievable weekend! Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with us, and thanks Jeff for being a good sport!"

As many of you probably remember, this is not the first T-Rex to make an appearance in a wedding photo. Last year, James Lowder and Katie Young's Jurassic Park-inspired photo was hailed as "the best wedding photo ever" by the blogosphere; it was shared over 12,000 times on the photographer's official Facebook page.

Tell us: If you could recreate a scene from any movie, which one would you choose?

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— Mary Gillen