Top 10 Disney Wedding Photos

There's something about Disney that feels oh-so-magical, even as an adult. In honor of Lillian & Walt Disney, who tied the knot on July 13, 1925, we've highlighted our favorite photos of couples basking in Disney joy on their big day. Starting with...

Lillian & Walt Disney

walt and lillian 30th anniversary1

The Disney founders celebrated their 30th anniversary in Disneyland a few days before the park's grand opening. Since Disney Fairy Tale Weddings first launched in 1991, another 40,000 couples have celebrated their nuptials in the parks.

Amber & Frank

amber and frank disney wedding

Photo courtesy of Disney Fine Art Photography and Video

 "We love Disney and fell in love at Disney so I cannot think of a better place to start our lives together," said Amber. "Oh, and the families did not mind the vacation either." We love how they stayed true to the playful theme of their wedding with matching, bright blue sneakers!

Laura & Ben

disney wedding

Photo courtesy of Disney Fine Art Photography and Video

These Disney cast members met four years ago and were inspired by the love between Carl and Ellie in the Disney movie, Up. We don't know what we love more about this shot — the bright balloons or Minnie and Mickey's playful poses. Plus, check out this adorable Up-inspired engagement shoot!

Ashley & Steve

ashley and steve disney wedding

Photo Credit: Heidi Ryder Photography

Ashley and Steve both grew up in Disney-loving families and have frequented the parks many times since they started dating in high school.

Sarah & Matthew

disney wedding

Photo courtesy of Disney Fine Art Photography and Video

This duo first bonded over their children's love of Disney World, and they couldn't think of a better place to unite their two families. We love how regal they look standing before the lit-up castle!

Jennifer & Peter

disney wedding

Photo Credit: Ari Simphoukham

Whenever Jennifer and Peter visit the Disney parks, they always leave time for a ride on It's a Small World, "the happiest cruise around the world." We love their playful Minnie and Mickey hats. See more from this wedding!

Krista & Joshua

disney wedding

Photo Credit: Jennifer Williams Photography

The bride arrived to the ceremony in Cinderella's carriage and was joined by her happy husband on the way to the reception site. Aren't their faces priceless?

Christy & Phil

disney wedding

Photo courtesy of Disney Fine Art Photography and Video

When Christy and Phil first met at a work event for Disney Fairy Tale Weddings, they knew exactly where they would get hitched.

Kristie & Dario

disney wedding

Photo Credit: Katie Keller

Chance brought these two together when they met over spring break in 2005 at California Adventure Park. We love the idea of this playful photo with Goofy!

Mallory & James

disney wedding

Photo courtesy of Disney Fine Art Photography and Video

The best days at Disney end with the famous fireworks. We love this shot of Mallory and James from the back, soaking in the end of their magical wedding day.

Tell us: Which Disney photo is your favorite? What's your favorite memory in the Disney parks?

—Paulette Safdieh