"Bachelorette" Desiree Hartsock Opens Up About Her Wedding Plans!

Desiree Hartsock charmed millions of viewers across America with her candor and relatable, down-to-earth persona as The Bacheloretteand we're happy to report that she's just as lovely in real life. Now that she's found her happy ending with fiancé Chris Siegfried, she's determined to help other women find "The One" — their wedding dress, that is. 

She's teamed up with Maggie Sottero to design a collection of six to seven styles and, if her custom evening gowns from the show are any indication, they're going to be incredibly gorgeous! 

Des (we're on a first-name basis now) gave us the scoop on her upcoming big day, what advice she'd like to share with her fellow brides and more:

desiree hartsock

Her family hasn't seen her wedding dresses yet...
Desiree's dream dresses (yes, plural!) are still being produced, so she hasn't been able to wear them and do a big reveal. Both looks will incorporate Art Deco details: "I've always been drawn to the 1920s and Old Hollywood glamour because of the draped silk gowns and the beadwork of the flapper dresses," she says.

The process has been enlightening, even for a fashion expert like her: "The amount of details needed has been surprising," she tells us. Interested in getting a custom-made gown as well? "It's important that the bride can visualize well, since there is not an actual dress to see beforehand," she advises.

Fans can also expect to see lace paired with bling in her new collection. "It's the perfect combination of glamour and romance. The important thing when combining these two very different elements is to ensure that one doesn't overpower the other...minimal accessories are all you need to finish the look," she says.

Even a self-professed tomboy wants to have her princess moment...
Desiree tells us that she was never the type of little girl who played dress-up in mom's wedding gown — she didn't grow into her love for fashion and design until high school. She describes the essence of a Maggie Sottero bride as "being your most beautiful self," and that's evident in her fashion choices.

"I think it's very important to know how to wear a gown and how to dress up. I think that my carefree, everyday personality with the desire to still feel pretty and sexy speaks through to my overall style. There is a way to look (and feel) gorgeous with an effortless touch," she explains.

What we know about her wedding so far...
Chris tweeted that the big day is on December 12, but that turned out to be an April Fool's joke — the couple is still working on setting a date. Whether it's a winter bash or a summer-themed day, there's a good chance that the wedding will be televised. "I think it would be fun to give fans an inside look at our reception and make them feel as if they are there on the dance floor with us!" she says.

Like many other brides, Desiree's dream wedding vision has changed over time: "I went from bright, bold and beachy colors to now a more romantic palette," she reveals. A few fun items that she has planned for Chris include a baseball cake topper and a milkshake bar. 

When we ask what wedding planning tasks they have left, Desiree jokes, "All of them!" She elaborates that everything has been sorted out on paper but nothing has been finalized yet. After all of their amazing escapades, she and Chris will have a particularly tough time narrowing down the honeymoon options: "We haven't chosen a destination yet, but I have never been to Hawaii, so that may be the golden ticket....or Bora Bora...or Belize!"

desiree hartsock

If she could design a wedding gown for any celebrity bride, she would choose...
Mila Kunis! "She has a fun yet classic look. I feel that my design style would be something she would love to wear," she reveals. Her favorite wedding dress of all time? Kate Moss' chiffon John Galliano stunner.

The most common mistake that brides make when shopping for their wedding dress is...
Over the years, Desiree has had a multitude of jobs that lead to where she is now, including running her own bridal hair accessories line, assisting brides at various bridal salons in California and working as a designer at Kiyonna, a plus-size retailer. All of this collective experience has given her valuable insight into what brides are looking for.

"I've seen it all, but one shopping mistake that is very common is that the bride will surpass her own love for a gown for one that her 'entourage' (i.e. mother, sisters, friends) likes more. There's no doubt that she will still be thinking of the dress she loved," she says.

The best wedding advice she's received...
Chris and Desiree attended Bachelor alum Renee Orturi's wedding. and they're close pals with Jason and Molly Resnick. "A lot of newlyweds we've talked to have recommended taking a moment away from everyone else right after the ceremony to just be alone and take in our wedding day as husband and wife," she says. They have six more weddings besides their own lined up this year!

How she would describe post-Bachelorette life...
In honor of Chris' new poetry book, Diamonds and Hearts, it would only be apropos for Desiree to break out into verse in honor of her betrothed. "Roses are red, Seattle is grey, we are engaged, waking up happy each day ;)" she writes.

Where she sees herself in five years...
"We will be married with a kid or two and definitely a puppy or two. We plan to stay in Seattle," she says. 

— Stefania Sainato