This Penguin Proposal Will Melt Your Heart

This insanely cute video proves that everything is better with penguins — even a proposal!

When they first started dating, Casey asked her boyfriend Mitch to pick up some costumes for a Halloween party. He surprised her with head-to-toe penguin outfits and these cuddly critters have had special significance for them ever since. So, when the time came to take their relationship to the next level, Mitch knew he wanted to incorporate the pair's favorite animal.

He reached out to the Pittsburgh Zoo, who helped him set up an elaborate scheme so that Casey thought she had won a behind-the-scenes encounter at the penguin exhibit. ShoFilms set up hidden cameras and pretended to be extras in order to capture the moment without ruining the surprise.

Skip to the 3:24 mark to watch the magic unfold:

How sweet and thoughtful was that? Fun fact: Adelie and Gentoo Penguins "propose" by searching for the perfect pebble and placing it at their lover's feet. If she accepts it, she places the pebble in her nest and takes him as her mate.

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—Stefania Sainato