The Breaking Dawn Wedding, Reimagined

In honor of the Breaking Dawn film release this week, we have a very special treat for our BG brides, brought to you by the lovely Sonia Collett from wantthatwedding over in the UK!

She spent months putting together the magical photo shoot below, shot by the talented Chanelle at Segerius-Bruce Photography.

"I wanted to create something extra special, that beautiful something that brides-to-be would love and feel inspired by (even if they weren’t a Twilight fan)," said Sonia.

Mission accomplished:

Did she nail the otherworldly Edwardian vibe or what? The best part is that everything from the chess pieces to the handmade signs is DIY-friendly. Debonair groom not included...

Want more? Visit for more exclusive photos from part 2 of the shoot!

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—Stefania Sainato