The Latest Crazy Brangelina Wedding Rumors

We've heard at least five versions of the story of how Brad proposed to Angelina, so it comes as no surprise that there are new rumors about their wedding plans practically every week. But the latest crazy ideas are just too good not to share.

Several reports have stated that the couple will get married at their Chateau Miraval estate in the South of France at the end of May. Though previously reported that it'll be an "intimate and informal" affair, the couple's (now former?!) florist apparently spilled to U.K.'s Grazia magazine that the wedding has some seriously elaborate plans.

“Guests will travel past water fountains and Shetland ponies leaping as they go up the two-mile long drive to the house," said Michel.

And ponies won't be the only animal guests — the couple's kids requested eight elephants, one to represent each member of the family. “When the guests park, they'll see the family of elephants. Brad hopes it will make them smile."

But despite the over-the-top "plans," the couple is trying to keep their wedding as eco-friendly as possible. They're reportedly spending over $45,000 on flowers, but there won't be any cut flowers — instead, a team of eight gardeners is planting wildflowers according to Brad's design. "In the future, their great-grandchildren can see where they made a promise to each other," said Michel.

What do you think — will they really be celebrating among ponies and elephants?

—Kristen O'Gorman Klein

Photo via Instagram