911 Dispatcher Saves the Wedding Day

bride trying on new wedding gown
Photo courtesy of Candice via Yahoo Shine

With so many details planned to a T, a bride knows she needs to anticipate the potential for something to go wrong on her wedding day. Though most day-of emergencies can be fixed with a sewing kit and tampons, one bride required 911 assistance...in more ways than one.

On Sunday, August 11, a bride named Amanda [she declined to publish her last name] had her wedding gown stolen on the morning of her nuptials in Washington, DC. She had been packing her car in preparation for the ceremony when, upon returning from a quick trip to the house, she discovered the dress had gone missing. Panicked, she called 911 to report the theft. 

Candice, the 911 dispatcher who answered the call, tried to handle the emergency as she normally would, but she couldn't help but sympathize with this particular caller. "I couldn’t imagine someone stealing my wedding dress," she told Good Morning America. "All I kept thinking was, ‘I have a wedding dress. Maybe she could wear that.'" 

As soon as Candice disconnected the call, she turned to her supervisor and asked if she could offer the bride her wedding dress. Of course, she had no idea if the dress would even fit, much less if the bride would even want to give it a shot, but her supervisor agreed.

Though grateful for the offer, the traumatized bride asked to see a picture of the gown. Candice — who just tied the knot 18 months ago — completely understood. She texted a picture of herself in the gown to the responding officer on the scene, who then showed it to Amanda. Thankfully, the bride loved it. With just a few hours left until the ceremony, Candice got to work retrieving and delivering the dress. 

The dispatcher called her husband, who just happened to be home after canceling his camping trip, and asked him to pick up keys from her brother's house so that he could look for the dress in her parents' attic. After dodging a series of obstacles, including discovering that he had taken the wrong keys, Candice's husband successfully delivered the dress right before the wedding ceremony was set to begin.

On August 15, the two brides met in person and exchanged tearful hugs. "I want you to know you're seriously an amazing person and not a lot of people would have done that," Amanda told Candice.

Our deepest congratulations to the brave (and lucky!) bride. 

—Alyson Kaufman