5 Must-Haves for an Outdoor Wedding

Planning an outdoor wedding? Here are a few essentials to keep your guests comfortable.

Hydration Station
With the sun bearing down on your guests and the alcohol flowing, everyone needs to be on guard against dehydration. Provide tasty infused waters, which will encourage guests to sample them more so than plain water. And consider personalized bottles of water, which are easier to tote around than glasses. 

flavored water
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water bottles
Photo Credit: Brett & Jessica

Programs that Double as Fans
Ceremony programs are a fun way to share information with your guests. During an outdoor wedding, make those programs work double duty as cooling devices. Attach a fan program to each seat to ensure that each guest has one, or set up several baskets near the entrance.

fan programs
Photo Credit: Sherman Chu

ceremony program fans
Photo Credit: Casey Durgin Photography

Insect Repellent
Keep those pesky bugs away with free-flowing bug spray. And consider incorporating bug-repelling lanterns into your décor — they can be more attractive than you'd think!

insect repellent
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thermacell lantern
Photo courtesy of ThermaCell

Keep your guests away from the sun's harsh rays by setting up oversized umbrellas during your ceremony, providing sunglasses, or having parasols available for your loved ones. 

umbrellas at wedding ceremony
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sunglasses for bridal party
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parasols for bridal party
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A Primping Spot
Have an out-of-the-way area where your guests can fix makeup meltdowns and tame their hair once the heat and humidity hit. 

primping spot
Photo Credit: Kathleen Hertel Photography

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—Kristen Klein