10 Songs That'll Get the Groomsmen Dancing

Each week, we feature wedding music recommendations from Scratch Weddings, the nation's leader with the best wedding DJs at affordable prices. This week's post comes from DJ Qlassick, whose brilliant technique has led him to open for the likes of Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, and The Roots. He describes his style as a mix of high energy and finesse with a firm dedication to keeping the dance floor moving at all times. When Qlassick steps behind the turntables at a wedding, he commits to the moment 100%. "A client's big day is as important to me as if it were my own friend or relative. I have become a part of it, so I am now dedicated to making sure it's everything they hoped it would be".

Photo Credit: Hoffer Photography

So it’s the big day. The knot has been tied, pictures have been taken, the bride and groom have both said "I do." Naturally, some traditions have been observed, like the roast —er, toast — delivered by the best man, including embarrassing stories of streaking or falling asleep in a college lecture. When the formalities are all said and done, it’s time to boogie. But while everyone else is ready to hit the dance floor, isn’t it always the groomsmen who hang back, playing it cool on the sidelines with their drinks and social pleasantries? See something wrong with this picture? Me too! No groomsman doing the shopping cart?! No comical attempts at break dancing or dance-offs to see who can do the most outrageous MC Hammer impressions?! Time to change that, stat. To do so, I have the perfect musical blueprint guaranteed to get those fellas moving like the good ol’ days at the frat house.

►" Party Rock Anthem"  LMFAO
Because you gotta get things started.

►"Don’t Stop Believin’"  Journey
A room full of grown men belting out Phil Collins? Yeeeah!

►"The Humpty Dance" Digital Underground
The dance for everyone who can’t.

►"I’m Too Sexy" Right Said Fred
Jersey Shore, anyone?

►"Teach Me How To Dougie" Cali Swag District
Because everyone has tried to at some point.

►"Rock and Roll All Nite" Kiss
Nothing to say…the title says it perfectly.

► "It Takes Two"   Rob Bass & DJ EZ Rock
Remember those attempts at break dancing in college?

►"Jump Around"  House of Pain
When you can’t think of anything else to do.

►"Sexy and I Know It" LMFAO
Because all the groomsmen think they’re studs in their formal duds.

►"I Just Wanna Love You"  Jay-Z
Because nobody can resist singing along to this one.

Put these in rotation and you won’t be able to pull your groom’s men off the floor! Trust me, the dance floor photo mementos that will result are sure to be priceless.