'Devil Wears Prada' Character Takes the Plunge

revenge wears pradaOur favorite fashion underdog, Andy Sachs, will return to the bookshelves next April in Revenge Wears Prada, a sequel to the 2003 bestselling novel Devil Wears Prada. The former assistant at Runway magazine will be even more lovable this time around, engaged to a gorgeous man and editing the best bridal magazine in the country, The Plunge.

Author Lauren Weisberger will take readers through Andy’s life as an engaged, working woman (something that many of us can relate to). She works at The Plunge with best friend and one-time enemy, Emily, as she balances the glamour of planning her wedding with a demanding career. But it's not always picture perfect— Andy's soured relationship with her dreadful ex-boss, Miranda Priestly, continues to get in her way.

Revenge Wears Prada is expected for release in April 2013, exactly ten years since we all fell in love with the original. Until then, we can watch Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep in the movie rendition of Devil Wears Prada and hope for a sequel to that, too!

Tell us: Will you be reading Revenge Wears Prada? How do you balance work with wedding planning?

Photo Credit: Fox 2000 Pictures

—Paulette Safdieh

Incredible Underwater Trash-the-Dress Photos

Photographer Michael Harris captured these unique underwater bridal portraits that add an artistic touch to a trash-the-dress session. 

To snap the photos, both the photographer and bride fully submerged themselves in a pool while wearing weighted belts, which enabled them to take a few shots before resurfacing for some air. Throughout the two- to three-hour session, Harris captures 250-500 raw images.

"As you can probably guess, a lot of the images aren't usable. Bubbles coming out of her nose just don't look good," said Harris. "This, of course, is not for everyone. The bride needs to be very comfortable underwater, but when she is, it can be a very beautiful image."

Check out the photos, and let us know what you think!

underwater trash the dress

underwater trash the dress

underwater trash the dress

underwater trash the dress

Pet-Friendly Hotels for Your Wedding

If you're obsessed with your pup or can't get enough of your cat, chances are you'll want to include them in your special day. Here are three hotels that not only host weddings but also have awesome pet programs.

The Muse Hotel, a Kimpton Hotel
Located at the center of the world—Time Square in Manhattan—this hotel offers both a sleek, city-style wedding and a pet-friendly atmosphere. The Muse Hotel encourages VSPs (Very Special Pets) to join the wedding party and invites them to stay free of charge. There’s no limit on the amount of pets in one room, and the hotel welcomes all sizes and breeds (talk about hosPETality!). Your pooch will be welcomed with a special basket filled with treats, a cozy bed and a list of local attractions, like the local dog park, "Canine Court" ( 

muse hotel

Photo Credit: The Muse Hotel

How to Wear Bridal Gloves

Guest blogger: Rosanna Casper, co-founder of, a new wedding website where brides, grooms, family and friends can purchase a stylish and affordable mix of beautifully curated pieces. Designed to make wedding planning all the more inspiring and enjoyable, Idojour offers accessories and apparel for your wedding weekend, complemented by both inspirational and practical content. Rosanna oversees content, among many other things, and makes sure that everything comes together beautifully on the site.

Here, Rosanna shows how to incorporate gloves into your wedding look.

Even though gloves have been a staple in women’s fashion for hundreds of year, they're not nearly as popular these days, and most brides don’t even consider gloves as an accessory for their wedding day look. But we love the idea of donning a pair of delicate, feminine gloves. In fact, the right style and length of glove can add such a unique quality to just about any bridal look. We've put together four ways to incorporate them into your wedding-wear.

Short Gloves

Taylor Earnhardt's Race to the Altar

Weddings mark the beginning of a new life, but they can be most special when brides and grooms incorporate their past. Taylor Earnhardt and her new hubby did just that for their Southern-themed celebration this past weekend.

Earnhardt, a rodeo competitor and daughter of 7-time NASCAR Champion Dale Earnhardt, married boyfriend Brandon Putnam on Saturday. The couple stayed true to their roots with an outdoor celebration designed by David Tutera on her family estate in Moorseville, North Carolina.

After arriving that evening in a horse-drawn carriage, a gift from her late father, 23-year-old Earnhardt walked the aisle to “Bless the Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts. She wore a custom lace wedding gown by Rivini that reflected the wedding's elegant Southern setting. The couple exchanged their vows under trees adorned with stained glass panels before riding to the reception site in a 1946 red pickup truck from Dale Earnhardt’s Classic Car Collection.

At the reception, 200 guests enjoyed hand-rolled cigars, a whiskey-tasting bar, a perfume bar and live entertainment by country singer Jared Ashley.

taylor earnhardt wedding photo

Photo Credit: Christian Oth Studio

How to Choose Your Wedding Menu

Last week, my fiancé Michael and I spent two hours (excessive, but necessary) debating our delicious options for our wedding menu. Our event manager presented us with images of enticing hor d’oeuvres, stations, entrées and desserts. Needless to say, we were left drooling and unable to decide which appetizer to pair with which entrée.  After much debate, we were able to create a menu that incorporates our favorite dishes yet also caters to the diverse appetites of our beloved guests.

Comfort Food

I was surprised to discover that selecting our menu was like taking a stroll down memory lane, with so many options reminding Michael and I of dining experiences from the past. We selected crispy, blanketed franks—a new spin on classic pigs in a blanket—a starter that we have during every holiday at my future in-laws' home.  Michael and I then chose a BLT salad, complete with apple-smoked bacon, asiago cheese and buttermilk chive dressing. This dish reminded us of a scrumptious salad we enjoyed while vacationing in Florida. Lastly, our wedding cake will be filled with lemon curd and raspberry buttercream as a nod to Michael’s favorite lemon cake. These personal touches will probably go unnoticed to the majority of our guests, but will have Michael and I secretly grinning from ear to ear.

pigs in blanketPigs in a Blanket. Photo Credit: Abigail Kirsch Catering

Give Your Nails a Regal Touch

lillibet jubilee nail polish

If you’re looking for a nail color that’s fun and different,  but still wedding-day appropriate, try Butter London’s limited edition Lillibet’s Jubilee, a silvery metallic lavender shade.

With an infusion of holographic glitter for an extra sparkly effect, it complements almost any gown shade, especially the new nudes and metallics seen on the recent bridal runways.  

With a nod to Queen Elizabeth II’s childhood nickname and a twist on the royal purple, the polish commemorates her majesty’s Diamond Jubilee — 60 years as monarch — this June.
I sampled the color and can’t stop looking at how my nails shimmer. So brew yourself an English tea and rejoice in this delicious, silvery lavender lacquer — the latest installment in our ongoing royal obsession. Long live the Queen!
Available now at

— Robin Zachary

Wedding with Nothing to Wear? Rent the Runway

If you're attending one or more weddings this summer, struggling to find a stylish bridal shower dress in your budget, or just want to make a splash at your bachelorette party, we've found the answer to all of your style dilemmas: Rent the Runway has unveiled a new boutique where brides and guests can rent gowns and accessories for every special occasion related to weddings. Items are curated by stylists and broken down by category and formality, making it that much easier to find a memorable outfit you can actually afford.

This past Memorial Day Weekend, I took David Meister’s “Cleopatra” style ($75 to rent; retail price $358) for a test drive at my cousin’s wedding. I needed a dress that was sophisticated yet comfortable enough to survive the tarantella (my family is a fun crowd!). The one-shoulder sheath made it into my shopping cart after I saw all of the photo reviews – it looked flattering on women of all sizes.

david meister cleopatra dress

Despite this, I still held my breath when I first slipped it on, letting out a sigh of relief when the zipper whizzed shut. RTR includes a free back-up size, so I was able to guarantee a perfect fit. (If none of the dresses in your order fit, you can contact RTR and they’ll issue a merchandise credit if you postmark the unworn dresses within 24 hours.) Can't decide on just one style? You can order a second dress for only $25.

Five Creative Ideas for Your Table Numbers

Table numbers are yet another way in which you and your spouse can express yourselves on the big day. Don’t believe me? Check out the super creative and personal ideas below.

1. Table numbers inspired by song lyrics. Corey and I are adding a special touch to our table numbers by including quotes from our favorite love songs. Each number will feature a quote from a song we both like or can relate to. Here are lyrics we would consider using from a band we saw in concert together last summer:

Let me be your everlasting light

A train going away from pain

Love is the coal 

That makes this train roll

Let me be your everlasting light

– The Black Keys

table numbers with song lyrics

Photo Credit: Tin Sparrow Studio

2. You at every age. I love pictures, so to me, table numbers are a great outlet to feature the faces of you and your spouse in your early years. For each table number, display a photo of you and your future husband at that age. Not only will this be an adorable way to personalize your wedding, but it will also act as a conversation starter to get your guests talking.

age table numbers

Same Dress, Different Flowers: Do or Don't?

Even if you have your heart set on your bridesmaids wearing matching dresses, that doesn't mean your girls need to look like clones of one another. We usually see bridesmaids with different hairstyles and/or accessories. But you can also add a little diversity to the group by letting them express their individuality through their bouquets.

Each of these bridesmaids carried a different type of flowers in the purple family: 

bridesmaids flowersbridesmaids dresses flowersbridesmaids dresses flowers

In keeping with the mix & match vibe, the groom wore a differently-colored tie than his groomsmen, and each of the men sported a different boutonnière:

groom and groomsmen
Photo Credit: Watson-Studios

What do you think of this idea?

—Kristen O'Gorman Klein


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