Sweet Father/Son Moments

A wedding day is filled with special moments between a father and his daughter — the emotional walk down the aisle, the sweet (or funny!) father-daughter dance, the dad's toast or blessing at the reception. The mother of the groom has her moments, too — who doesn't love watching the mother-son dance? — but what about the father of the groom? They may not have that all-eyes-on-us moment, but these special men deserve some recognition, too.

Top 10 Flowers for Spring Weddings

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Spring brides, rejoice! You are marrying at one of the most beautiful times of year, and soon, many popular wedding flowers will be in season. What does this mean for you? First, you’ll have easier and cheaper access to blooms, such as peonies, that would cost you a pretty penny in the off-season. And second, you can buy locally grown flowers, reducing your ecological footprint and supporting local businesses! Read on to discover 10 gorgeous floral varieties in season this spring.

1. Peony
This beautiful bloom is an all-time favorite for brides. It’s the perfect mix of softness and texture, and the pastel varieties complement so many wedding color palettes.


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