Hairstylists Tell All: 25 Hair Mistakes They Don’t Want You to Make

They came, they cut, and they’ve (definitely!) seen it all. And now that your big day is approaching, they want to spare you the horror of some of these hair flubs they’ve witnessed. Read on for how to avoid these potential hair flops and get gorgeous hair for your wedding day.

The Day Before …

13. Coloring dark hair the day before the wedding

“Coloring blonde hair or adding light highlights is OK, but [dark dye] can stain your skin and leave a dark ring around your face, requiring thick, gunky makeup to cover hair color stains,” says Givens. P.S. Brides-to-be, how to enhance your hair color might just be something you want to bookmark, stat!

14. Over-styling for your rehearsal dinner

With so many drool-worthy Pinterest discoveries to love, we know it can be hard to settle on just one show-stopping look for your big day... which is why many also opt for a wow-factor hair style for their rehearsal dinner. But avoid the temptation! “Don’t over style the day before for your rehearsal dinner. Instead, opt for a simple shampoo and blow out. Then, the day of the wedding, use a Mason Pearson brush to brush hair root to end to smoothe the hair and pull natural oils through each hair shaft. This naturally cleans and conditions the hair without drying or weighing it down,” offers Givens.

The Day Of…

15. Rocking a ponytail the morning of your wedding.

Simple and sleek, this look may have you out your door to your venue or salon the morning of your nuptials, but wearer beware... “On the day of your wedding, you shouldn’t pull back your hair into a ponytail. It leaves a crease in the hair,” says Givens. Leave it down and let your stylist work her wonders. Ditto for using flat irons too close to styling time: “Never use a flat iron on your hair the day before the big day. This makes it difficult to reshape the day of your wedding,” he adds.

16. Shampooing the day of your wedding.

Not that you have a ton of free time on your hands before you walk down the aisle, but you’d be surprised how many brides make this faux pas: Shampooing makes your hair too dry and often unmanageable,” says Givens. Opt to wash your hair the night before, and you’re good to go: “The day after shampooing, hair is more pliable and shiny. Instead of washing, brush your hair well to move natural oils through to the ends of hair.”

17. Hair that’s as greasy as that diner omelet.

That being said...  “Dirty hair is not always better. Some brides believe dirty is better and don’t wash their hair. When your hair has too much oil, it makes it difficult to style and weighs down the hairstyle,” says Chow. Not to mention, it will really shine through in all those fun bridal party photos you have planned while you’re getting ready with your gals. “Always wash your hair the night before the wedding. If you have really silky hair, skip the conditioner. Even though it’s true that slightly dirty hair gives great texture, the same texture could also be achieved by using the right styling products.

18. Going overboard on the product train.

“It's easy to add serums and lotions, but on this big day when you depend on your hair to last, less is more,” advises Papanikolas. When it comes to nailing your wedding day shot list, remember that many photos that are spectacular must-haves are close ups on your face, where overload of product can translate to greasy, dirty looking hair.

19. Wearing too many extensions.

“You don't want an animal hanging from your head,” Papanikolas gently reminds us. Ain’t that the truth?! “Extensions should be used for volume, and should only be a few inches longer than your natural hair to blend. Going too long creates a disconnection.”

20. Creating too slick of a chignon.

Game, set, skip the slick: “A lot of women opt for this ‘classic’ look to balance out an ornate dress, but unless you have perfect, delicate facial features, this look can read very harsh,” says Papanikolas. “This is also probably the look you wear to the gym every day, so I would usually recommend something softer. If you do go for this look, try a product like Matrix Biolage Sugar Shine Illuminating Mist to give hair ultimate mirror like finish.”

21. Wearing an updo that you pull straight back.

“If you’re choosing an updo, do not just pull it straight back, which results in a severe look,” advises Givens. “A style that gently sweeps up and away from your face results in a softer and more beautiful look.” Your future photo albums will thank you.

22. Donning over-the-top updos.

“Going overly intricate with an updo is a recipe for disaster,” warns Papanikolas. Sure, they’re Pinterest-heaven, and the idea of having two intricate looks on your wedding day may entice, but know this: “Updos are an art, and recreating the exact look is almost impossible. Instead opt for a soft, delicate hairstyle. Seal in the look with a dry shampoo to give your hair grip and notes of texture on your big day!

23. Over-application of setting spray.

PSA for all glam-squads: “Too much setting spray will make the updo look like a helmet and will make curls look crunchy (think prom curls...),” says Chow. “Setting spray should only be used after the styling is completely done. You can use a working spray or styling spray (never the setting spray) during styling.”

24. Not considering your veil post-ceremony.

Didn’t think of this? It’s okay, we didn’t either. “Too many brides fail to consider if they plan to wear their veil after their ceremony. If you plan to remove it (most brides do!), don’t use too many fasteners,” recommends Givens. “Plan with your stylist for a way to ensure the veil is easily removable.” If a headpiece is attached, Givens likes to remove the veil from the headpiece and attach Velcro so the veil can easily be taken out of your hair while the headpiece stays in place.

25. Not looking like yourself.

“Too many women take the term, ‘wedding hair’ too seriously. Your groom wants you to be the most beautiful version of yourself,” says Papanikolas. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, ladies.