Building Your Registry

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    Cooperation comes easily for many Libras, which makes wedding registry planning all the more fun! See below for tips on picking products together from Bridal Guide and Wayfair.

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    Capricorns are focused and keep their eyes on the prize, which makes wedding registry planning a breeze. See below for ideas on working together to create the registry and wedding you both envision, from Bridal Guide and Wayfair.

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    Whether you're a Pisces or engaged to one, doing research before creating your registry will be essential. Read on for tips on product selection from Bridal Guide and Wayfair. 

  • Culinary scientists, authors, and hosts of “America's Test Kitchen,” Bridget Lancaster and Julia Collin Davison, share their kitchen must-haves.

  • From budget buys to splurges, and electronics to appliances, we've compiled the most innovative new products that newlyweds will want to register for (or gladly buy for themselves!).

  • For social butterfly Aquarians, party planning registry items are a must! Read on for wedding registry inspiration from Bridal Guide and Wayfair.

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    Make every meal a special occasion with these creatively chic options.

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    Gifting-focused apps are revolutionizing the way that newlyweds-to-be search and register for items

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    Stylish tables for your happiest occasions are a cause for celebration.

  • Here are some helpful tips for creating a great wedding registry, as well as common mistakes to avoid