Planning Tips for Summer Weddings

Beat the heat with our expert tips from celebrity wedding planners JoAnn Gregoli and Mindy Weiss.


Finding a lavish yet traditional wedding cake that can actually withstand the high temperature of a summer day or night seems like an impossible task. Weiss warns that almost no confection can withstand the heat. She recommends serving the cake indoors exclusively. If you can't, follow Gregoli's advice and opt for one frosted with buttercream, as fondant can sweat and whipped cream will melt. Great flavor pairings include a lemon- or orange-based cake with a berry filling or a light vanilla ice cream (!) cake. Be sure to avoid heavy cake flavors such as chocolate or spiced, as well as heavy custards or cream fillings. Instead, incorporate fresh fruit—even as the cake’s decoration. You can also get super creative by creating a “faux” cake, like an artfully-designed cake of French macaroons.

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