5 Wedding Cake Alternatives

Not crazy about wedding cake? Serve up one of these delicious alternatives at your reception.


Ice Cream

cowabunga ice cream
Photo courtesy of Cowabunga Ice Cream

Guests of all ages will love a make-your-own-sundae bar. Splurge on gourmet ice cream for a truly memorable dessert. We love Cowabunga Ice Cream (and not just because of the name!), which is based out of New Jersey and ships nationally. Their secret recipe ensures that the ice cream isn’t over-aerated, resulting in creamier, denser ice cream than the competition. Their inspired flavors include New York Cheesecake, Cake Batter, Rice Krispy Treat (vanilla ice cream with marshmallows and rice krispies), Almond Joy (coconut ice cream with almonds and dark chocolate chips), and Red Velvet.

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