Save Money on Videography

Your wedding is planned out perfectly; that’s how it should be remembered! Here are some tips for cutting costs on videography.

Wedding videography costs over $1,257 on average, according to Here are some tips from the experts to make your videography fees manageable.

Before you book your videographer

1. Choose the right video length.Tim Alan Smith of Tim Alan Smith Videography in New York City says, “Some brides get longer edits [such as a one-hour video], some get short-form [such as 20 minutes] and some get both.” View a full 20-minute, edited video to see if you can envision that being enough time for yours, and perhaps save half on your video package for the shorter edited video.

2. Insist on HD. “If a videographer attempts to charge you extra for high-definition video, find another potential videography company,” says videographer Justin Cristaldi of in New Jersey. “Anyone who takes this business seriously knows they must upgrade their equipment in order to bring you the best quality they can.” And that means no extra charge for HD.

3. Go ceremony only. Cristaldi says you can choose to have professional video only at your ceremony to save several hundred dollars. Or, elect ceremony plus first dances and cakecutting only, also to save hours and hundreds from your package.

4. Avoid pros who charge by the hour. Your ceremony could get delayed, and you don’t want your videographer to leave or charge you overtime to capture reception moments.

5. Choose a package with no extras. As with photography, choose a package—for now —that just
covers the shoot, not the video edit, montages and copies of the DVD.

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