20 Cheap Date Ideas

Saving money for the wedding? That doesn't mean you have to sacrifice date-night with your husband-to-be. Try one of these fun date ideas that won't break the bank!

Get Some Cheap Laughs

Most amateur comedy clubs are surprisingly affordable, typically just requiring a one- or two-drink minimum. Who knows, maybe you'll catch a future SNL star before they hit it big!

couple in coffee shop
Coffee Shop

Find the coziest coffee shop in town, and indulge in some cappuccinos and pastries. Make it even more entertaining by visiting on an open mic night. If you're feeling especially inspired, grab the mic yourself and share a silly poem written for your fiancé.

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double date

What could be better than mimosas and pancakes? Spend a lazy Sunday at brunch with your fiancé, or turn it into a double date with your favorite couple.

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Pitch in at your local food bank, visit a nursing home, or spend some time connecting with people at a homeless shelter. This fantastic bonding experience doesn’t cost a cent, and the feel-good vibes will leave you both smiling.

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Casino Night

Play the penny slots sl-o-o-o-wly while downing complementary drinks. Live vicariously through the high-rollers at the tables. Set a budget before you go, and stick to it—no matter what! Who knows, maybe you’ll hit it big and have some extra cash for the wedding.